LDVA Editions: Emerging Artist-Led Spaces

An online panel discussion with a selection of creatives running artist-led spaces

28th January 2021 at 18:30

After a challenging year, we’re aiming to bring together artist-led spaces in a discussion about how we can collaboratively encourage emerging artists and support artist-led spaces that are moving away from traditional forms of exhibiting as well as how we, as galleries, have had to reposition ourselves during a pandemic. All participants are from non- profit organisations and artist-led spaces, all working in the field of contemporary art as collaborative and community-integrated.

LDVA Gallery aims to benefit the local community and promote dialogue between the creative and the public. We have transitioned from LUPA (Lock Up Performance Arts) to LUVA (Lock Up Visual Arts) in 2018 and are currently LDVA (Lock Down Visual Arts) until we can open our garage door again. We are an intergenerational artist-run organisation centring around a lock-up garage in Tower Hamlets. We work with the First Love Foundation food bank and community centre, aiming to reach out to the local community as well as the art community.

Lock In Gallery Brighton
Lock In provides a platform for artists working in durational performance to open up a critical debate with their live and non-live audiences. It has recently found a permanent space and now also hosts socially engaged visual art exhibitions.
Lock In Brighton website

Lucie MacGregor - Garden Wall
Garden Wall is a DIY approach to curate and collectively question outdoor encounters with art. Considering this space as a vehicle to provoke thought and artistic spectacle whilst adhering to social distancing, neighbours have become collaborators, strangers grown into friends, making processes shifted by seasonal change. Artist and Founder Lucie MacGregor was commissioned by Deptford X Festival 2020 and Volunteer South London to collaborate with a Lewisham resident, in which a gradual exchange occurred establishing the creation of Garden Wall and it’s conversational beginnings. The Garden Wall became a permeable boundary, to provide a safe platform to view collaborative artworks during the months of lockdowns, to reach out to an unpredictable, local audience and generate discussion around the pairing of art within plants. The project holds a nomadic ethos at its core; it moves in both geography, paces and contributors, rooted in the physical and yet branches out to digital research, to be tended for both in dormant winter and the flourishing days of spring.
Garden Wall
Lucie MacGregor

Brockley Gardens
Brockley Gardens is a kind of gallery space located in a small lock-up garage in Brockley, South London. The gallery is a DIY affair run by Tom and Billy, two friends who met at art school.
Brockley Garden website

Convenience Gallery
Convenience Gallery is a contemporary and community arts gallery and collective based in Birkenhead. Working in creative partnerships with artists, organisations and communities. Offering a space for people to engage with art outside of it normalised context, doing this by bringing it into public spaces.
Founded in June 2019, Convenience started in Birkenhead Market hosting exhibitions, workshops and talks, making the switch to Bloom Building in January 2020. Bloom is a progressive mental health space, and working there means collectively working with the Open Door Charity looking at how mental health support, creativity and culture work together.
Convenience Gallery