First Love Foundation Foodbank and Community Resources

LUVA is committed to providing material support to the community it is based within. We’re teaming up with the First Love Foundation who give food, support and advice to local people in crisis.

First Love Foundation

We’re here so no one has to face crisis alone. Since 2010, we’ve helped thousands of people in one of the UK’s most-deprived boroughs get their lives back on track. We’re more than a foodbank, that’s just one of the things we do. From the moment someone walks into the Tower Hamlets Foodbank, we sit down with them to listen to their story and find out why they are facing crisis in their life. We work to ensure they leave that same day with more than just food – our Advice & Support team ensure they leave with the start of a solution. By working with our partners, we provide support to those who need it, helping them get back on the path to sustainable and independent living. Together, we work to transform lives and build stronger communities.