Hannah and Oliver


Tonight we present to you a star who needs no introduction, a star whose beauty, charisma and wit has shined through the screens and speakers of the world and found a home in the hearts of all... The timeless Bea Urbest is back with a milestone 112th live audience show.
As is customary on ‘An evening with Bea Urbrest’ we open with Bea and her house band performing never heard before original songs. The band’s musical arrangements are remarkable in their own right and, in Ubrest’s skilled hands, they become endlessly audacious.
Tonight Bea will be host to stars including:
Judy Garland Cher
With very special musical guests:
Benny Benassi Engelbert Humperdinck Ryuichi Sakamoto
Sandy Olsson
And more...
An evening* with Bea Urbest will ensure you a lifetime’s worth of memorable moments. In this golden age of variety television, Bea brings you and your family only the best the A - List has to offer. Celebrities who have not just a funny anecdote to tell (though they have many), but talent to boot.

Oliver Micham is an artist living in London. Oliver’s works span from sound design and music production to digital animation and graphic design. He uses these mediums to indulge his interest in club culture and the symbiotic relationship between ‘mainstream’ and subcultures.

Hannah Skinner is a South London based artist who uses clothing and performance to explore idea of queer theory and body politics. She distorts conventional notions of costume, allowing the wearer to intentionally take up space. She uses sound, music and movement in her performances so that the performer can explore the permissions and constraints of both the outfits and the spaces they inhabit.

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Interview with Hannah and Oliver