Lunchbreak with LDVA

Five ten-minute lunchtime workshop videos, that come together to make a homemade zine.

Getting tired of boring lunch breaks when working or studying from home? look no further because we’ve got you covered. Everyday of the week commencing 15th March, we will be releasing short tutorial videos to introduce you to new and creative lunchtime activities.

Spice up your day and get those creative juices flowing; take a break with LDVA!

Combined, these workshop sessions will result in your own unique homemade zine. The following week on the 25th of March, we are facilitating an 'Open Table' event. This will be an opportunity to share the work created and also to socialize and get to know other creatives. We will be sharing what worked for us and how we all used the different techniques to take a break and do something creative in our lunch times.

Monday 15th March

Lydia's Zine Making Workshop

An introduction to zine binding to introduce you to some quick and easy techniques. Learn how to bind your creations using Saddle Stitch, simple Japanese Stab binding as well as a single page folded zine. This workshop is perfect for compiling all of your sketches and writings into one place. Don’t forget to share your results by using the hashtag #luvalunch

Saddle stitch downloadable pdf

Japanese stab stitch downloadable pdf

Tuesday 16th March

Fran's Cut 'N' Create Workshop

Cut 'n' Create lunchbreak workshop will see you create your own original inventions from repurposed newspapers & magazines and creative drawing. Through the cutting up and reforming of words, let your brain juices loose and create something bonkers; whether it be a futuristic machine or a new type of food. Get off your screens and get creative this lunchbreak! Don’t forget to share your results by using the hashtag #luvalunch

Wednesday 17th March

Meg's a Moment to Write Workshop

‘A moment to write’ workshop is designed to get people writing without any pressure. In the fast paced world, sometimes you need a moment to sit and think. Using your different senses, this workshop encourages you to observe your surroundings as a way to create a narrative. Taking this time to pause can be used as a method of meditation and hopefully it helps you to unwind during your lunch break! Don’t forget to share your results by using the hashtag #luvalunch

Thursday 18th March

Lola's Pinhole Camera Workshop

Welcome to my Pinhole camera workshop, after being so submerged in the digital for the last year, let's throw it back to the analog. Making a pinhole camera is a super easy and cheap way of capturing photographs at home. The earliest mention of a pinhole camera being used was as early as the fifth century! Take on the challenge create like us humans have been doing forever! Don’t forget to share your results by using the hashtag #luvalunch​

Friday 19th March

Lola's Developing Photos from Home Workshop

In this workshop, I will be showing you ways of developing your photographs at home using a chemical called caffenol (likely to be found in your kitchen cupboard)! No need to spend all your money on an array of different chemicals, this method is way less harmful to the environment, so how could you not! I hope you enjoy creating and developing your photographs from start to finish. Don’t forget to share your results by using the hashtag #luvalunch

Open Table Discussion and Zine History

Watch our Open Table discussion below! In the talk we’ll be covering some of the context and history of the zine, zine resources online and zine artists. The main focus of the event will be for the audience to discuss and share their previous and current work with zines and for us to discuss the possibilities of zines and zine-making in collaborating, communicating, networking and sharing.