New Materials

New Materials; a collaboration between Zoe Horne, Imogen Lee, Isabella Furness, and Hannah Doucet.
New Materials aims to expand on the hidden lives of sculptural objects, by shifting the emphasis from the finished cast product to the creative processes and re-processing that accompany its life cycle.
Often obtained from the artist’s body, and charged with their individual narrative, the cast independently stars in new visual and textural compositions - from mute appendage to open witness of its own making.
Next to estranged plaster knees, a 6-finger hand nervously raps its plastic digits. A brick smothered in sentient lard joins the conversation. As this collection of shape-shifting misfits comes together in the LUVA garage, a new logic is birthed.

Tinker, tinker...

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Documentation of exhibition

New Materials with Zoe, Imogen, Isabella and Hannah