Oozing Gloop


The home is a container that finds itself within the state, the container of a nation- a nation whose character in turn defines the home. Certain narratives transcend both of these, the forces of capital, the myth of the father. The strong man who sorts it all out, papa’s coming home. Why does this even mean anything? Since 2016 Oozing Gloop has been on a mission to assault the domestic nation and would argue it’s because there is no interior, there is no exterior. Rather a series of reactive power complexes forced to travel the same road together, on that never ending awful journey of self to other, universal to particular, home to country. All a series of immediate, linear moments trapped within infinite cycles of the social and cosmic, on a mud ball with a heliocentric orbit around a star that itself flies through a vast void of meaning we then find within our own lives. Things we attempt to control through relative consensus, however in certain places it comes apart, it forms a dissensus and in those places lie art and politics. So please come and see this brief inquiry into…


Oozing Gloop
is the world’s premier autistic green drag queen. This trans-aggressive tarot card reader and tattooist cut her teeth within the queer counter cultures of New York and London. Embodying every access found in the trashcan of ideology, she is the alienated identity we all naturally assume. Using her body as a vehicle to project and power through every and any obstacle, divide, discipline trained via 500 miles of personal pilgrimage. At Spill 2016 she presented seminal Performance art piece THE AWFUL JOURNEY (100 miles), which raised a series of questions investigated in her following piece in 2017, THE AWESOME JOUNREY (400 Miles). This gave rise to two pieces, “GLOOP! The Movie!” A film that documents 3 years of private performances in a failed bid to produce a YouTube channel; and “THE GLOOPSHOW!” An award winning experimental theatre piece that merges Cabaret and performance art. Delivered through a structured stream of consciousness. Underlying this piece is the political perspective provided by uninhibited Aspergers, making her mistress of the Awful, Awesome, and Autistic.

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Interview with Oozing Gloop