Paige Perkins


“The Animal People became furious with the Human People, because of the way the Humans were harming the other People and Mother Earth herself. So, they decided to get together and kill all of the Human People (which they could do easily if they so wished). The Plant People and the Stone People heard about the Animal People’s Plan and they called a great council of all the People…” from ‘The Shamanic Journey’,Vol. 1 by Paul Francis

Paige Perkins is an American born artist based in London. Her work reflects a personal folklore where the borders between human and animal, fantasy and reality dissolve. The paintings reveal a visionary world where time and space unfold with a strange logic that springs from darker sources including myths, pagan mysticism and fairytales. Perkins attended the Turps Banana Art School from 2014 to 2016 and holds an MFA from University of Brighton 2006. Her work is held in various private collections in the UK and abroad.

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Interview with Paige